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The Garda Lake, also called Benáco,is Italy´s biggest lake and lies between the three provinces Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino. (1) Through his picturesque places, which are connected by the “Gardesana” road, the lake offers an insight into its history and is rich in historical monuments. In addition, the Mediterranean climate combined with an Alpine region flair fascinates the tourists. At the Garda lake you find yourself surrounded by high mountains but at the same time you can enjoy the flowering hillsides of the vineyards and citrus plantations all around the villages. (1) Due to the year-round mild climate with warm summer months (April to October) as well as dry winters the Garda lake is a popular destination. A lot of products such as olive oil, wine, lemons, oranges and truffles from this region are well known products which are often taken home as a souvenir. (1)


The building is characterized by clear lines and a modern design language. The three floors were positioned offset in order to blend the building perfectly in the hillside.


look at the final result of your new luxury residence.